Abrahaminluoto Range Front - Helsinki, Finland

Lighthouse category:  range

Position:  60° 7'19.77"N : 24°57'26.53"E

Status: active

Date:  not known

Designer:  not known

Tower height:  33 feet

Construction: square concrete tower with lantern and gallery

Colour scheme: tower black with single vertical white stripe, lantern white

Focal plane height:  17 feet

Characteristics: isophase white, on three seconds, off three seconds

Foghorn:  none

Google map view:  google map link

This small range light is situated on a tiny island close to the main shipping channel leading from the Gulf of Finland to the harbour of Helsinki.  Despite its fairly distinctive appearance, it has proved to be remarkably difficult to firmly identify.  There is no mention of it in the Lighthouse Directory, and Lighthouses R Us has no photograph of the most likely contender.  However, Trabas has a photograph that ties the identification down pretty firmly to the Abrahaminluoto front range light.  The other characteristics above are taken from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Publication 116, List of Lights, Radio Aids, and Fog Signals.  The only remaining doubt in my mind is that that particular publication gives the colour of the tower as "red" while that in the image above is clearly black.  Perhaps there has been a repaint at some stage after this photo was taken.

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