ENGLAND (Scottish Border to Newcastle)


The links below are arranged in geographical order, starting in the North East and moving clockwise around England.  For the stretch of coast from the Scottish Border south as far as the south bank of the Humber, I have tried to include all of the lights even though I do not yet have photographs for them all - my hope is that this will motivate me to get up, get out, and get the photographs.  Those lights for which I do not yet have a photograph are clearly indicated.  For the remainder of England I have included only those lights for which I have images.

     Berwick-upon-Tweed - (No Photograph)

     Heugh Hill - Holy Island  - (No Photograph)

     Guile Point East - (No Photograph)



     Inner Farne

     Seahouses (North Sunderland)

     Warkworth South Pier


     Blyth Low - (No Photograph)

     Blyth High

     Blyth East Pier

     St Mary's

     Fish Quay High

     Fish Quay Low

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