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Blyth East Pier - Blyth, Northumberland

Lighthouse category:  harbour

Position:  55°7.0'N;1°29.1'W

Status: active

Date:  1884

Designer: not known

Tower height:  46 feet

Construction: round brick tower

Colour scheme: white painted tower on unpainted cylindrical concrete base

Focal plane height:  62 feet

Characteristics: 4 white flashes every 10 seconds

Foghorn:   3 blasts every 30 seconds

Google map view:  google maps link

The East Pier at Blyth is a long one and liberally adorned with wind turbines which appear in many of the available photos of this site that can be found on the web.  For this image, though, I have chosen to concentrate on the lighthouse itself.  The pier defines the eastern side of the harbour entrance and runs roughly north to south so, in photographic terms, the light is likely to be best in the afternoon.  As it is some six years since I visited Blyth, my recollection of the exact spot from which this photo was taken is somewhat hazy.  However, I believe it was taken from the area around the Marina in Blyth Harbour.  I also recall that getting a clear sightline was somewhat tricky due to dockside clutter and pallisade fencing and so on.  Access to the lighthouse is gained by a long elevated catwalk built on top of the pier but public access to the East Pier and, hence, to the catwalk is not permitted - however, I don't think that much photographic advantage would be gained even if access were possible.  Although the angle and the light in the above photograph isn't all that bad, my guess is that this light, in common with many others, would be best viewed from the sea.

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