All the Norwegian lights in this section (at least, as it stands as at 27 Feb 11) were photographed during a Baltic Cruise on Queen Victoria in 2008.  All of them were photographed from on board the ship and it is therefore not possible for me to provide much detail regarding access or the best angles and times for photography.  I have also found it quite difficult to make many of these lights fit my self imposed classification - although they are not stricly inland waterway beacons, neither do they quite fit the pattern of the larger coastal navigation lights.  They would almost justify a classfication of their own but, for the moment at least, I have classified most of them as "beacons".  

One rather confusing aspect of this single visit to Norway was that, unknown to me, it coincided neatly with a major construction programme that was taking place in the northern Oslofjord.  This building programme was centred on Drøbak Sound and, once completed, had added 11 new lights and navigation marks to the existing three between Aspond in the north, and Drøbak in the south.  Of the new lights I was lucky enough to be able to photograph four, one of which had not yet been fitted with its lantern - and I was also able to photograph one of the existing lights. 

Note: apologies for the state of the links on the individual pages for Norway.  I decided to list the lights in alphabetical order as working out where each one was relative the other proved to be too difficult!  So, once I have complete all the individual pages I will sort out the links.


     Digerud Nordre

     Dyna Fyr




     Kavringen Fyr



     Lille Færder



     Steilene Fyr


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