Langebåt - North Oslofjord, Norway

Lighthouse category:  beacon

Position:  59º 41.1398'N : 010º 36.5084E

Status: active

Date:  2008

Designer:  not known

Tower height:  39 feet

Construction: tubular steel (?) tower with lantern and gallery.  Tower built on concrete base supported on a tripod of steel piles

Colour scheme: tower white with two horizontal green bands just below gallery.  Lantern white with red roof (not, lantern not yet fitted in this photo)

Focal plane height:  39 feet

Characteristics: isophase light with two green and one white sectors - on for two seconds, off for two seconds

Foghorn:  none

Google map view:  google map link

note:  the Google Maps imagery was obtained before this light was constructed.  The light itself does not therefore appear in the map but the arrow marks its position.

This is one of the lights built during the 2007/2008 construction programme in Drøbak Sound.  This one caused me more confusion that any of the others because, given the age of most of the lighthouses I have seen in my travels around Britain and elsewhere in the world, I at first assumed that the complete absence of a lantern meant that it had been removed.  I even toyed briefly with the notion that the missing lantern could have been the one in the grounds of the Norwegian Maritime Museum.  My next theory was that the tower served simply as a daymark and that it had never had a lantern.  That second theory had some truth in it but it didn't occur to me that the reason the tower had never had a lantern was simply that the lantern had still to be fitted.  However, that turned to be the case and the light is now active, it's characteristics, as shown above, having been obtained from the Norsk Fyrliste.

The landscape shot below shows the tower in the foreground with some of the picturesque houses on the Akersus County shore of the fjord in the background.

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