Dyna Fyr - Oslo, Norway

Lighthouse category:  sector/beacon

Position:  59° 53' 41.5"N : 10° 41' 18.1"E

Status: active

Date:  1875

Designer:  not known

Tower height:  41 feet

Construction: wooden keepers' house with lantern on corner of house.  "Steeple" on roof for fog bell

Colour scheme: house white with grey tile roof, lantern roof red

Focal plane height:  20 feet

Characteristics: light has white, red and green sectors.  Occults three times every eight seconds

Foghorn:  none - fog bell now removed

Google map view:  google map link

Oslo certainly has its fair share of picturesque, quirky, and ornate lighthouses - and here's one that's at least the equal of Kavringen Fyr.   Again, it's belfry gives it the appearance of a small chapel perched on a rock in the middle of the harbour and, from a distance, it can easily be mistaken for a small ship at anchor.  Although the light, in the small lanter on the corner of the building, is still very much active, the tables and chairs clearly visible in the photograph above give some clue to the present function of the oriignal keepers' house.  In 1992 the building underwent extensive renovation, in the course of which it was converted into a banqueting facility that can be hired by private parties. 

The photo below give a wider view of the site.

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