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Coquet - Coquet Island, Northumberland

Lighthouse category:  coastal

Position:   55º 20.0' N; 01º 32.2' W

Status: active

Date:  1841

Designer: James Walker

Tower height:  72 feet

Construction:  square sandstone tower

Colour scheme:  upper tower white, lower tower unpainted stone

Focal plane height:   82 feet

Characteristics: 4 flashes every 30 seconds with 2.5 seconds between flashes.  Flashes are red or white depending on direction

Foghorn:  none

Google map view:  google maps link

Like several other lighthouses on this stretch of coast, this one, at Coquet Island, has a connection to the Grace Darling story.  Her brother William was the first keeper, and the story goes that, while visiting her brother here, Grace caught the chill that later developed into tuberculosis that was the cause of her death in 1842 at the early age (even for those days) of 27.  Be that as it may, the island on which the lighthouse is situated is part of the estates of the Duke of Northumberland and is also an important bird sanctuary.  The tower is of a quite elaborate, castellated design, and the keeper's house incorporates part of the stonework of a much earlier medieval Benedictine monastery.  No public access to the island is permitted but there are bird watching boat trips that run from Amble and give reasonable close ups of the lighthouse.  Having said that, the lightouse is well within range of a medium focal length telephoto lens from several points on the mainland. 

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