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Inner Farne - Farne Islands, Northumberland

Category of lighthouse: coastal

  Position: 55 36'.93 N 01 39'.25 W

  Status:  active aid to navigation

  Date:  1811

  Designer:  Daniel Alexander

  Tower height:   43 feet

  Construction:  brick

  Colour scheme:  white

  Focal plane height:  89 feet

  Characteristics:  two white and red flashes
   every 15 seconds

  Foghorn:  none

  Google map view:  google maps link

Like the Longstone, the lighthouse on Inner Farne is best photographed from the sea, and most of the boat trips from Seahouses include it in their itinerary.  However, unlike the Longstone, some distant photographs of Inner Farne are possible, with a long telephoto, from the beach near Bamburgh Castle.  If you do fancy trying some long range stuff, it's best to avoid the early morning, especially in summer, as the sun will be shining more or less straight down the lens barrel.

The image below shows the remains of a previous lighthouse known as "Prior Castell's Tower" with the present light in the background.   The original light tower stood on top of this castle that dates from 1673.  It is said that King Charles II authorised the lighthouse but that the merchants of Trinity House refused to pay the light dues and, as a result, the light was never lit.  Despite this there is some evidence to suggest that it was in use from 1784.

There is a Google satellite view here


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