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Warkworth (North Pier), Amble, Northumberland

Lighthouse category:  harbour

Position:55°20'23.26"N; 1°34'14.05"W

Status: active

Date: not known, but station established 1848

Designer: not known

Tower height:  26 feet

Construction: skeletal metal framework with enclosed top

Colour scheme:  white (with rust patches!)

Focal plane height: 36 feet

Characteristics: green flash every 6 seconds

Foghorn: none

Google map view:  google maps link

A short distance down the coast from Seahouses (or North Sunderland), are another couple of harbour lights whose name seems to be the subject of some confusion.  I have called them Warkworth North Pier and Warkworth South Pier as those are the names that seem to appear in most references.  However, Warkworth is a town that is a mile or so upstream from the harbour entrance, and the lights are much closer to the town, and small harbour, of Amble.  This is the somewhat unprepossessing structure that constitutes the light on the north pier.  And by the look of the way the end of the pier seems to be subsiding it may not be with us for much longer.

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