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Cloch Point, Gourock, Inverclyde

Lighthouse category:  hazard

Position:  55° 56' 34.4"N; 4° 52' 39.0"W

Status: active

Date:  1797

Designer:  Thomas Smith

Tower height:  46 feet

Construction: cylindrical stone tower with lantern, gallery, and attached keeper's house.

Colour scheme: tower and buildings white.  Tower has single, narrow, horizontal black band

Focal plane height:  79 feet

Characteristics: white flash every 3 seconds

Foghorn:  none

Google map view:  google map link

Cloch Point Lighthouse was built in 1797 to the design of Thomas Smith and his stepson Robert Stevenson, who went on to become Scotland's most renowned lighthouse designer and builder.  The light was intended to warn shipping off The Gantocks, a dangerous reef lying just offshore that dried out at low tide.  The keeper's house features crow stepped gables, a characteristically Scottish architectural feature and the tower itself has unusual, small triangular windows.  The original oil lantern was replaced, in 1900, by an argand lamp with silvered reflector, and again, in 1900, by an acetylene lamp.  A radio beacon was installed in 1931.  The original light is now inactive having been replaced with a "bulb on a stick" mounted on the gallery.  If you are intending to photograph the lighthouse be aware that there is very little parking close at hand - such parking as there is is on the pavement immediately in front of the lighthouse buildings and, if you are heading south, you will need to cross the oncoming traffic on a blind bend to get back on the road - good for loosening the bowels but potentially expensive.


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