Drogden - Oresund, Denmark

Lighthouse category:  coastal

Position:  55° 32' 11.0"N : 12° 42' 42.4" E

Status: active

Date:  1937

Designer:  not known

Tower height:  66 feet

Construction: square stone (?) tower with lantern and gallery, supported on eliptical stone pier

Colour scheme: ctower white with two horizontal red bands, lantern red, pier unpainted

Focal plane height:  59 feet

Characteristics: white, red and green sectors, occulting three times every fifteen seconds

Foghorn:  none (?)

Google map view:  google map link

This attractive small lighthouse stands in the southern entrance to the Øresund, the strait that separates the Swedish province of Scania from the Danish island of Zealand on which lies Copenhagen.  It was only by chance that I managed to photograph this lighthouse and also Nordre Røse Fyr (qv) because the state of the tide was such that Captain Rynd was able to take Queen Victoria through the sound rather than having to take the more normal route for large vessels, that is to say south-about around Zealand and then north through the Storebælt between Zealand and Funen.  This is an interesting lighthouse - most sources state that the tower is stone built, but it has a distinctly "wooden" look about it - in fact it bears a slight resemblance to the wooden built tower on the Pilot Pier at Hartlepool.  The tower, with its integral keeper's cottage, stands on a very substantial stone pier of elliptical cross section - the tower itself dates only from 1937 but prior to that, there had been a lightship on this station since 1838.  I can find no reference to a fog signal at this station but, a close inspection of the right hand end of the upper red band in the image above reveals what appears to be a "trumpet" for a fog signal or something of the sort.

The photograph below shows a more distant view of the lighthouse with the Great Belt Bridge in the background.

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