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Flamborough (Old Chalk Tower) - Flamborough Head

Lighthouse category:  not applicable

Position:   54° 7' 4.68"N : 0° 5' 22.54"W

Status: inactive

Date:  1663

Designer:  tower built by Sir John Clayton (desinger not known)

Tower height:  79 feet

Construction: chalk built tower of octagonal cross section

Colour scheme: white

Focal plane height:  not applicable

Characteristics: not applicable

Foghorn:  none

Google map view:  google map link

A superficial resemblance to the Roman pharos at Dover appears to have led to a popular misconception that this is a Roman lighthouse.  In fact, that idea is out by around one and a half millennia.  The tower traces its history back "only" as far as 1663.  Given its age it is remarkably well preserved and is often described as the oldest surviving "lighthouse" in England.  Despite this description there is no evidence that it ever served as a lighthouse.  However, it was certainly intended to be a lighthouse although the reason why its beacon fire was never lit seems to be unknown.  It has however, served for over a century as a daymark.  It is located on Flamborough Head Golf Course, standing right next to the 5th Tee.  Access to the area around the  tower is possible, although the tower itself is closed.  Be aware that the public road past the tower is narrow and "double yellow lined" on both sides - it can also be busy in the summer months so it is not an ideal place to stop unless you intend to shoot and scoot.  Also take great care if you intend to photograph the tower from the golf course - defer to golfers driving from the 5th Tee and if wandering elsewhere look out for small, hard, round (sometimes not very well) guided missiles.  I've been hit by several and I can tell you tht they hurt!

The photo below  shows the present lighthouse with the Old Chalk Tower in the extreme right of shot.

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