Gryten - Near Yxlan, Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden

Lighthouse category:  beacon/sector

Position:  insert latitude:longitude

Status: active

Date:  not known - station established 1932

Designer:  not known

Tower height:  26 feet

Construction: round concrete tower with lantern and gallery

Colour scheme: tower white, lantern white with green base

Focal plane height:  20 feet

Characteristics: white, red and green sectors, four flashes every ten seconds

Foghorn:  none

Google map view:  google map link

Like many of the small lights in the Stockholm Archipelago, this one proved particularly difficult to identify.  In fact it lies of the tipe of a small, unnamed island on the north west side of the main channel that passes down the northwest side of the island of Yxlan.  It is a typical, small sector light, its design being almost identical to similar lights in the Oslofjord in Norway. 

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