Lesnoy Mole Range Rear, St Petersburg, Russia

Lighthouse category:  range

Position:  insert latitude:longitude

Status: active

Date:  not known

Designer:  not known

Tower height:  239 feet

Construction: round, concrete (?) tower with lantern and multiple galleries

Colour scheme: tower painted in alternating red and white horizontal bands, lantern red

Focal plane height:  249 feet

Characteristics: red light occulting once every four seconds

Foghorn:  none

Google map view:  google map link

Having initially mistaken this lighthouse for a factory chimney (yes - really!), I then proceeded to studiously ignore it for two days and it is only by pure chance that I discovered that I had managed to include it in the background of a couple of ship photographs.  At 239 feet in height this really is a monster and, comes at or close to the top of several lists of "highests", specificlaly:  it is the highest range light in the world; it is Russia's tallest lighthouse; and it is the fourth tallest "traditional" lighthouse in the word.  This is the rearmost of a series of three range lights that are used to guide ships through the very tricky entrance to the commercial docks at St Petersburg.  The front and middle lights are both skeletal metal towers with post-lights on top, the front light also having a slatted day mark - and I failed to photograph either of them.

In the photograph below, taken just after dawn on the second day of Queen Victoria's port call at St Petersburg, the light can be seen in the middle distance, just left of centre.  I think this shot gives a good idea of the great height of this particular tower.

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