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Redcar Promenade Range - Redcar, Cleveland

Lighthouse category:  range

Position:  54°37'9.07"N : 1° 3'54.97"W

Status:  active

Date:  not known

Designer:  not known

Tower height:  front 30 feet

Construction: front metal column, rear bracket on wall of shop

Colour scheme: front white, rear unpainted

Focal plane height:  front 30 feet, rear 36 feet

Characteristics: occulting red light on for 1.5 seconds, off for 1 second.

Foghorn:  none

Google map view:  google maps link

This has got to be the strangest pair of range lights I've ever seen.  They are located on the promenade in the small seaside resort of Redcar in Cleveland.  As Redcar has no harbour as such I assume that the lights are there for the benefit of the small inshore fishing boats that are dragged ashore when not in use and "parked" on the esplanade.  The front ight is mounted on a 30 foot high metal post and the rear light is supported by a metal bracket fixed to the wall of a shop.  The shop in question is the local branch of Marks and Spencer which I suppose, in Redcar at least, makes M & S a "leading light" in the retail benefit.  Sorry, that actually wasn't terribly funny, but I can never resist a sitting target.

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