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Seaham North Breakwater - Seaham Harbour, Co Durham

Lighthouse category:  harbour

Position:  54° 50' 15.0" N : 1° 19' 15.2" W

Status: active

Date: 1905

Designer: not known

Tower height: 33 feet

Construction: round cast iron tower with lantern

Colour scheme: black and white horizontal bands

Focal plane height: 39 feet

Characteristics: green flash every 10 seconds; continuous green in bad weather

Foghorn: blast every 30 seconds

Google map view:  google map link

This small light is located on the knuckle at the end of the North Breakwater at the entrance to Seaham Docks.  Although the town and harbour of Seaham date from around 1828, the docks underwent major enlargement in 1905 and it was in that year that the present light was built.  The green flashing light is visible for 11 miles and, although the tower once had a full gallery around the lantern this was removed at some time relatively recently.  There is no public access to the breakwater but there are a number of spots around the town from where photographs of the light are possible.  This one was taken from the public road on the east side of the town overlooking the docks.  Parking can be a problem here but there is some off street parking at Asda and a small public car park on the right of the road just before the boundary with the dock estate.  The light is likely to be more friendly from mid morning through the afternoon.

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