Vaxlet Sodra - Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden

Lighthouse category:  beacon/sector

Position:  59° 35.1´ N : 18° 44.1´ E

Status: active

Date:  not known

Designer:  not known

Tower height:  13 feet

Construction: round tower with post light and gallery, constructed on square, two-tier concrete plinth

Colour scheme: tower white with green band. upper tier of plinth white, lower tier unpainted

Focal plane height:  13 feet

Characteristics: white, red, and green sectors, two flashes every six seconds

Foghorn:  none

Google map view:  google map link

I can't quite make out what is going on here in design terms.  The light seems to have started out as a standard, free standing lantern that has, at some stage, had a post light added to the top.  This may be a complete misinterpretation but, certainly, I didn't see another light in the Stockholm Archipelago that looked anything like this one.  It isn't listed in of my normal sources, but the coordinates checked out with Vaxlet Sodra as listed in the Natioan Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Publication 116, List of Lights 2010 and the details given above are from that source.

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