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Whitby East Pier - Whitby, North Yorkshire

Lighthouse category:  harbour

Position:  54° 29' 34.2" N : 0° 36' 42.7" W

Status: inactive

Date:  1855

Designer:  not known

Tower height:  55 feet

Construction: round sandstone tower with round gallery and octagonal lantern

Colour scheme: tower unpainted.  Lantern white with black roof

Focal plane height:  not applicable

Characteristics: not applicable

Foghorn:  none

Google map view:  google map link

The lighthouse on the old East Pier is superficially similar to its companion on the West Pier, but closer examination reveals several important detail differences.  Although it's not obvious from this photograph, the tower, at 55 feet in height, is 28 feet shorter.  Dating, as it does from 1855, it is also "younger" than its brother by 18 years.  The fluted appearance of the West Pier tower is also not reflected in this one, the tower being of simple circular cross section.  The large, almost cubic, square base of the West Pier Light has also been replaced by a much lower, circular plinth with the door to the tower being accessed via a short external staircase.  The lantern gallery is round rather than square and, although the lantern itself is octagonal like that on the West Pier, the lantern roof reflects the octagonal cross section and is surmounted by a ball finial whereas the roof of the West Pier light is a round dome topped by a weather vane.  As at the date of writing these notes (12 Feb 11) I understand that public access to the East Pier is still possible although it appears to have sustained some storm damage at the shoreward end.  I will check this out soon and amend these notes as required.

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