Zeebrugge East Breakwater - Zeebrugge, Belgium

Lighthouse category:  harbourcategory

Position:  51° 20' 39.2"N : 3° 12' 56.3"E

Status: active

Date:  not known - station on site since 1905

Designer:  not known

Tower height:  98 feet

Construction: octagonal concrete tower with lantern and gallery

Colour scheme: tower unpainted, lantern red

Focal plane height:  102 feet

Characteristics: red light occulting once every 7 seconds

Foghorn:  fogbell - three strokes every 25 seconds

Google map view:  google map link

This is a severely cropped section of a an photograph that showed a ship entering the port of Zeebrugge.  I hadn't realised that the structure in the background was a harbour light until I started to do the research for this site - and that applies equally to the other final images on this page.  This is the light on the East Breakwater at the entrance to Zeebrugge harbour.  The large black, billboard-like structure to the right of the tower in this shot, when seen from seaward, displays a series of control lights that are used to signal inbound ships.  In common with the other Zeebrugge lights I have no information regarding access to this site - however, from the total absence of people on the mole, I would guess that public access is not possible.

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