Helsingør South Mole - Helsingør, Denmark

Lighthouse category:  harbour

Position:  56.034411N : 12.619976E

Status: active

Date:  1916 (?)

Designer:  not known

Tower height:  20 feet

Construction: round, two stage tower with small lantern no gallery)

Colour scheme: tower red, lantern white

Focal plane height:  23 feet

Characteristics: continuous red

Foghorn:  none

Google map view:  google map link

This small light is one of two identical twins marking the entrance to the harbour at Helsingør, a few miles north of Copenhagen.  This very distant shot was taken as Queen Victoria sailed south into the Øresund inward bound for Copenhagen.  Despite the fact that the data panel above states that the tower is red, I think it's pretty obvious, even from this grossly over enlarged image, that the tower is mostly white.  However, I think the reason for this is not entirely unconnected with the fact that tower, in this photograph, is surrounded by what looks very like scaffolding.  My guess is that it was undergoing some kind of maintenance work and that the white is simply undercoat.  There is a patch of what looks to be its more traditional orangey red colour visible on the front of the tower, so perhaps the repaint was in progress.

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